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The amphitruo of plautus 457 most effectively the ironic humor of mercury, differentiating him somewhat from the mercury of plautus and of dryden. Aug 20, 2005 free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by project gutenberg. Kodi archive and support file vintage software community software apk msdos cdrom software cdrom software library console living room software sites tucows software library shareware cdroms software capsules compilation cdrom images zx spectrum doom level cd. Amphitryon synonyms, amphitryon pronunciation, amphitryon translation, english dictionary definition of amphitryon. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Plautus really does blur the two genres together in this text, and we have tragic figures and scenarios arising amidst an awfully farcical tragedy. Upon my life, finding myself aweary, unable to complete the varied works for which jupiter engages me, i am seated at my ease on this cloud awaiting your coming. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by project gutenberg. We turned the problem of filling the missing fourth act into an. Plautus was sometimes accused of teaching the public indifference and mockery of the gods. Plautus, the roman comedian, used this tale to present amphitryon, a burlesque play.

Amphitruo gives his wife a hard time, and he and jupiter seize each as adulterers. But it is fairly formal, even hifalutin, for such robust and earthy material as plautus. Publication date 1842 publisher philadelphia, perkins collection. Amphitryon, in greek mythology, son of alcaeus, king of tiryns. Jan 27, 2014 plautus roman comedy amphitryon, adapted by wake forest university students and performed at the 20 convention of the north carolina junior classical league. The amphitruo is a highly exceptional play given that it is the sole example of a comic treatment of a story from grecoroman mythology among plautus s works. Amphitruo definition of amphitruo by the free dictionary. Plautus, amphitruo unless you have read roman comedy before, plautus is likely to be the most difficult text to read this semester, if only because. If this is correct, the amphitruo was first performed in 187, because fulvius nobilior was on his military expedition in 189, and ennius finished his laudatory composition the year after. The wit and rich literally tradition plautus is operating within rise the work from what i once thought was a lowly state, and intricate latin verse and incorporation of both epic and the amphitruo.

Plautus plays most of them can be found in english online at the perseus site. However, not too much should be made of such a fleeting reference. Amphitryon and his slave sosia are returning to their native city of thebes following a long period. This anthology contains english translations of four plays by one of the best practitioners of roman comedy, plautus. Whether or not we believe in arcellaschis theory, the amphitruo is certainly a late creation, and it is reasonably safe to say that it was composed between 190 and 185. The god mercury opens plautuss amphitryon with a prologue of the plays background events. Amphitryon or amphitruo is a latin play for the early roman theatre by playwright titus maccius plautus. Amphitruo cambridge greek and latin classics by plautus, christenson, david m. Since the 16th century, socalled tragicomedies have contributed significantly to the generic ambiguities which lie at the heart of this conference. Mercury as, in purchasing and selling your merchandize 1, you are desirous to render me propitious to your bargains, and that i should assist you in all things. It includes an introduction discussing date, sources, revivals, manuscripts, metre, arguments and prologues. Amphitryon definition of amphitryon by the free dictionary. Gods being generally introduced into tragedy alone, but here taking part in a comedy he thinks it may be fairly called a tragicomedy, or a comedy with the characters of tragedy. Amphitryo, asinaria, aulularia, bacchides, captivi by titus.

The roman playwright plautus wrote comedies that are the earliest latin literary texts to have survived in their entirety. Little is known of the life of titus maccius plautus. The latin text is accompanied by notes explaining the irregularities of plautus syntax and metre, and citing relevant parallels and secondary sources. The translation for these, done by henry thomas riley, was published in 1912, so its not as archaic as some of the others on the perseus site. Shakespeare combined the two plots, and added twin servants to the twin masters to complicate things further. Plautus was a popular comedic playwright while roman theatre was still in its infancy and still largely undeveloped.

In the fifth act, at the moment in which alcmena is delivered of hercules and iphiclus, a violent. The comedy of errors takes the plots of two plays by plautus. The dramatic treatment by plautus has enjoyed a sustaining presence on the stage since its premiere. Jupiter fell in love with alcumena and changed his form into that of her husband, while he, amphitruo, was fighting with the enemy in defense of his country. John drydens 1690 amphitryon is based on molieres 1668 version as well as on plautus.

The lack of identity for menelaus recalls the slave sosias dissociation when he sees his double in plautus amphitruo lines 263462. A brilliant comic poet, plautus moved beyond writing latin versions of greek plays to create a uniquely roman cultural experience worthy of. At the same time, the roman republic was expanding in power and influence. This play, which unfortunately remains unnamed, was performed the year before the amphitruo, and jupiter played a part in it. Greek mythology a king of thebes and the husband of alcmene. For excellent treatment of almost every aspect of plautus see duckworths the nature of roman comedy 1952. The dispute is referred to blepharo, the pilot of amphitryon, who. More than laughter in plautuss amphitryon plautuss amphitryon is an anomaly among extant roman comedies, because it is the one surviving example of a play in which gods appear alongside mortal characters. Leo, following suggestions of kakridis and elaborating hints of his own in the first edition of his plautinische forschungen, has set forth a theory that the amphitruo is the result of a contamination of two greek. Notable innovations from drydens adaptation include music by henry purcell and the character of phaedra, who flirts with sosia but is eventually won over by mercurys promises of wealth. An important addition to contemporary scholarship on plautus and plautine comedy, provides new essays and fresh insights from leading scholars a companion to plautusis a collection of original essays on the celebrated old latin period playwright. Mercury, in the guise of sosia, acts as jupiters servant. Maccius plautus, amphitryon, or jupiter in disguise, act 1.

The plays casina, amphitryon, captivi and pseudolus provide an introduction to the world of roman comedy. Maccius plautus, amphitryon, or jupiter in disguise. Amphitryon was the title of a lost tragedy of sophocles, but most others who have used this story have rendered comic treatments instead. Plautus does not, however, use the term in the sense which we apply to it. Plautus, amphitruo unless you have read roman comedy before, plautus is likely to be the most difficult text to read this semester, if only because the language is archaic and the vocabulary unfamiliar. Having accidentally killed his uncle electryon, king of mycenae, amphitryon fled with alcmene, electryons daughter, to thebes, where he was cleansed from the guilt by creon, his maternal uncle, king of thebes. The god mercury opens plautus s amphitryon with a prologue of the plays background events. Apr 17, 2014 this performance of plautus amphitruo is the product of my ancient drama and performance class at byu classical civ 340 r. Plautus roman comedy amphitryon, adapted by wake forest university students and performed at the 20 convention of the north carolina junior classical league. The amphitruo of plautus, molieres amphitryon, and the. Loosely adapted from lost greek plays, the works of plautus helped establish a truly roman drama in the latin language for the first time. In faciem uersus amphitruonis iuppiter, dum bellum gereret cum telobois hostibus, alcmenam uxorem cepit usurariam.

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